Updated Email & Phone List of Craigslist Scammers

If you have ever sold anything on Craigslist, you know that – even with their internal email relay system – scammers still get through.

One of the main ways is that they text you and ask YOU to email THEM “if you item is still available”. Well, if they can reach you through directly through phone or text, why would any legitimate buyer text you to reach out to them? It’s a total waste of time so they wouldn’t.

The ones who do this are scammers attempting to scam you.

Unfortunately my dear husband used to fall victim to these until I educated him. I have previously chatted with Craig Newmark (yes, the founder of Craiglist) about this and he wanted me to refer you to this article, and this one.

In the meantime, if you have received a text (or email) from an attempted Craiglist scammer, please CONTACT ME so I can add it to this growing alphabetical list.

It is my goal that, whenever people receive these scammer texts, they will first Google the email address (and the part before the “@” sign because many will change the extention (yahoo, aol, hotmail, gmail, etc.) but still use the “username” part.

That way, when searching something like “andreaalbert47@yahoo.com” or “andreaalbert37” by itself, they will stumble upon this page.

The more people who know about this page, the more we can help stop these scammers. I know we will never catch them all, but we can do our part collectively to help prevent a lot of people from becoming victims.

Therefore, to help protect others, please share this post! 

Unsure why but they seem to use male names and most are yahoo and gmail extentions.


  • andreaalbert47@yahoo.com
  • barrybanks112@aol.com
  • bushfreeman@yahoo.com
  • dav_fifee01@yahoo.com
  • david.jones1957@yahoo.com
  • davidballard926@yahoo.com
  • davidr.thompson@hotmail.com
  • davidsmith@gmail.com
  • drazinemery24@yahoo.com
  • frank_smith2000@hotmail.com
  • frankfinlay21@yahoo.com
  • genmikeandrew@gmail.com
  • georgekevin435@gmail.com
  • ivorypeterson1@yahoo.com
  • jackmred1@yahoo.com
  • joe_roger45@yahoo.com
  • johnmike_philip@yahoo.com
  • mikmoore_1960@yahoo.com
  • nino.brown84@yahoo.com
  • nocerinorossi@yahoo.com
  • osborne.anthony014@hotmail.com
  • princejerry_john@yahoo.com
  • rafael.hans@yahoo.com
  • raulpino27@yahoo.com
  • raymond.smith207@yahoo.com
  • raymondpatrick44@gmail.com
  • reed.evans73@yahoo.com
  • richmonscott81@yahoo.com
  • sergeantgeorge@yahoo.com
  • simon3@yahoo.com
  • tdavid776@aol.com
  • williamfoxclark@yahoo.com

(do not reply to these, block, report & delete them instead)

UPDATE on 9/7/19: I think it’s time to add the phone numbers that they text from too, that is if we can see it. Oftentimes, we can’t.

So here we go…

  • 928-242-1310


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