Facebook Live with Mozelle Martin & Kathy Dale – Part 2

If you missed Wednesday’s interview on 11/7/18, here is the replay from that Facebook Live & Zoom event with my friend, Kathy Dale.

If you missed Part 1 on 10/17/18, check it out HERE about the SCIENCE of handwriting analysis is truly life-changing from forensics to it’s therapeutic benefits.


Facebook Live with Mozelle Martin & Kathy Dale – Part 1

If you missed Wednesday’s interview on 10/17/18, here is the replay from that Facebook Live & Zoom event with me & my friend, Kathy Dale.

If you missed Part 2 on 11/7/18, you can see the incredible interview and discussions of questions her followers sent HEREI even analyzed more people!

It truly was a wonderful and rare opportunity for our viewers to ask questions that they have always been curious about or wanted to know regarding what can be discovered and / or healed through the SCIENCE of handwriting analysis and it’s therapeutic benefits.



  • “Scripts” ended up not turning into a YouTube show and instead was returned to it’s original, original name of Clinical Graphology (circa 1987)
  • I also no longer host the forensic podcast but you can listen to the FAVES here

Why I Postponed My TEDx Talk

In case you missed it, I auditioned for a TEDx talk in another town several hours away, back in September 2018 and was accepted for the main talk (called conference) scheduled for January 2019.

However I have decided to pass on it this time, with the agreement that I have the option of presenting at the TedX Conference in January 2020 instead. I likely won’t do that one either; I just am not that interested anymore.

Yes, I realize this was a huge opportunity as it has been on my bucket list for 10 years. However, what you may not know is just how intense the scheduling and deadlines are to do a TED Talk of any kind.

During the process I have received several questions that I will briefly answer here:

(1) No, you do not get paid to do a TED Talk, in fact you incur expenses in the form of time, money, and energy! I have always donated time, money, and energy to things I am passionate about, so this was not a big deal to me. But if traveling is problematic or you have budget concerns, definitely consider this before applying to audition.

(2) If you work an 8-5 job or have small kids or elderly parents you are caring for, you most definitely will require a very strong, diligent, and flexible support system and / or a very understanding boss. This was one of my main concerns due to an elderly parent.

(3) If you have health concerns, the stress with the TEDx scheduling and intense pressure put on you (often with very unrealistic expectations) can very easily exacerbate symptoms.

(4) All other questions are best answered at your local TEDx location since all operate a bit differently.

Now the question I am getting is WHY did I pass up this opportunity?

Well, if the above didn’t help answer that, maybe this will.

Without getting into a ton of details, this should help give you an idea as to “why”:

* I missed out on almost a month of planning script-wise because of this elderly parent in ICU (hospital) in another state.

* I was preparing for a large court-case / testimony deadline. My career has always been my priority and testifying as an expert witness is tough. Therefore it is imperative to have all the details in order by checking, rechecking, and rechecking again.

* I was helping financially & emotionally support my loved ones during a different crisis, so helping them resituate took priority.

* I was working on the deadline of the next book in my self-help series, which was due to publisher in a few days. This book series is my true passion-project, so…

* With all of this combined, I just could not give the TedX opportunity the time and attention it needed… nor did I want to.

In addition, most people do their TED Talk for a few main reasons: 

(A) to gain credibility prior to writing a book… I have written dozens over my 30-year career; 

(B) to gain credibility as an expert in their field… I’ve done that too, since 1987; and

(C) to bring more clients to their business. Everyone could use more clients right? I am passion-driven, not money-driven so this alone was not enough to push myself.

I had an amazing time at the audition and have made some great friends during the preparation workshops. However, pushing myself to submit to this opportunity would have done nothing more than take me away from my passions and priorities.

And please don’t get me started on the contract I had to sign.

This was simply not a win-win opportunity.

Oh and in case you are wondering this was in no way an “emotional decision”. I have always been very calm under stress and I am very level-headed. I do not impulsively jump into major decisions like this or say “no” to opportunities without significant amounts of critical thinking. The timing simply was not aligned. 

Therefore, after contemplating my decision very deeply for weeks, I felt an enormous amount of relief and peace with my decision.

So I guess I am sharing this with you as a reminder to always do what’s best for you…




Is Handwriting Analysis an Invasion of Privacy?

Good question. You will find the answer somewhere in the below compilation in which you will find out how handwriting analysis compares to social service agencies.


Are You a Yeah-Butter?

It started back in the 1990s when I received new Clinical Graphology clients. Those who said, “I’m going to try this program” were not committed.

Not only were these clients deceiving me (albeit unintentional), they were deceiving themselves. You see, when I heard them say, “I’ll try”, what I really heard was, “I am giving myself permission to not follow-through. I am giving myself permission to fail”.

Sure enough, those people did not engage with the process in the exact way they were instructed. In essence, they chose to fail, and then justified their failure by saying, “Well, I tried, but the program didn’t work for me.”



People who achieve their goals commit to the “I will” and “I do” types of phrases. As the saying goes, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Have you ever been married before? If so, remember the time you got to the altar and expected your soon-to-be spouse to say “I do”? What if s/he would have said “I’ll try” instead? How confident would you have felt about spending the rest of your life with that person? That sure would show a lack of commitment, wouldn’t it?

So if you would not say “I’ll try” to a person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with, why would you say “I’ll try” to yourself? Don’t you love yourself more than anyone else? Well, whether you do or not is really irrelevant because either way, the only person you are guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with is YOU!

If you have never been married, have you ever dated or known someone who was emotionally distant or had a fear of intimacy or fear of commitment? It’s the same thing… when you entered into a relationship with that individual – whether as a friend or lover – s/he was behaviorally saying “I’ll try”. Again, how confident did that make you feel? I’m sure you would agree that also shows a lack of commitment.

Next, think of the old habits we try to integrate or replace with new habits.

How many times have you said something like this?

· “I’m going to try to eat healthier”

· “I really have to try exercising more”

· “I need to at least try to make more money this year”

· “I am trying to be a better listener”

· “I want to try….”

How many of times have you failed? Probably more times than you’d like to admit.


Because saying “try” gives you permission to not follow-through and to fail”.

So what can you do instead of saying “I’ll try”?

Commit to taking an ACTION STEP.

Maybe the action step is signing up for another self-help program, reading a new self-help book, or attending a powerful workshop. Whatever it is… go for it!

I know, I know… you’ve tried all of that before and nothing changed.

There are a couple main reasons for this:

(1) You didn’t follow-through with what you were guided to do. Experts who create a program or write a self-help book tend to do so in a way they know works. If you sign up for their program or read their book, it’s because you want change. That means you should follow it exactly as provided. If you don’t, please take responsibility and be accountable… it is cowardly and childish to blame the product or service.

(2) You aren’t quite ready for the change you’ve been trying to achieve. That’s totally okay… there will be more opportunities to try. What I mean is, you can hear the same thing over and over for years from various people and you may say “the timing was just not right”. In truth, the clock, days, weeks, months, or years that have passed you by has nothing to do with it. Instead, you are either ready or you are not ready but, until you are ready and fully committed to taking an action step and fully following the process, nothing will change.

So in the meantime, are you continuing to waste your precious time?

As Dr. Laura Schlessinger would ask, “Between now and dead, is this how you want your life?” I only ask that because excuses are abundant; there will always be something trying to sabotage your success if you allow it. It may be a person, lifestyle, finances, beliefs, doubts, worries, etc.

I know, I know… change is easier said than done. This is true. However, I would bet that you have known what you’ve needed to do for a very long time but found a way to distract yourself instead. When it’s something you want to do, you jump right in. But those are usually the fun or safe options, the ones that help you avoid your inner turmoil and pain. Yet, when it’s something you have to do – even if you believe in it – you dodge it like a bullet.

As long as you allow your mind to justify the excuses you come up with, you will continue immersing yourself in a bathtub full of self-sabotage.

I have a question…

Are you a YEAH BUTT’er ?

One of my pet peeves is hearing “yeah, but…”

Someone very close to me used to love asking me for advice. Every single time without fail, when I provided her with very realistic, affordable (usually free), and powerful options, she responded with “yeah, but…”

Last time she did this I responded with, “Are you asking me so you can actually reach out to these resources, or are you asking just so you can say “yeah but” to me one last time?”

Needless to say, she no longer asks.

So yes, there will always be reasons as to why you can’t, shouldn’t, won’t succeed, should wait for a bit, or should just give up. But if you continue this way, you are inviting more of the same into your life… the very things you have been trying to change.

Now if the current situation is working for you… awesome. Um, but then… why are you reading this?

150 Secret Ways to Collect Handwriting Samples

You can have anyone’s handwriting analyzed without them knowing.

It is not against the law to “secretively” analyze the handwriting of anyone. Whether you are an employment agency or other hiring authority, dating, a teacher, a concerned parent, a mental health professional, etc. as long as no identifying information is provided. That means no name, address, email, phone numbers, social security numbers, etc. are to be given to the handwriting analyst.

Handwriting analysis is considered “public knowledge” just like body language and facial expressions so federal law actually protects you in doing so.

The dilemma is where to find a handwriting sample in this day of technology and that is how this PDF can help. It contains 150+ ways to collect handwriting without the other person knowing. As you can tell, getting a profile done is now much easier than you think.


Todd Newton Interviews Mozelle Martin

Todd Newton interviews Mozelle Martin about forensic handwriting analysis – from dating and gold digging to business skills and much more.

Oh, and Mozelle will discuss Todd’s personality too!