Try This Instead of Obamacrap

Wanted to share something with you…

I hate the Obamacrap (oops – I mean Obamacare).

Allow me to digress…

I have never had *health* insurance and never wanted any.

Well back in the 1990s when I was a single mom, I started selling Avon on the side so that I could help support my two kids while I attended college full-time. Avon treated me so well and relieved so much stress that I still have my store.

End of digression…

So, when the government said we would get “fined under Obamacrap if we didn’t have health insurance”, I was pissed. Maybe it’s because I am defiant-by-nature but anyway…

Then, when Avon offered the health insurance option, I was super excited and, for the past 5 years, I have had *health insurance* for only $142 / month.

Although it “says” it doesn’t qualify under Obamacare, we have never been fined (hope they don’t read this or I’ll get a huge bill, lol).

If interested, all you have to do is spend $30, pick your free gift, and sign up for their insurance. Oh and it is NOT a lame “discount plan”, it is real and good insurance… well, at least the plan I picked is.

When you sign up, you will auto-receive a store. Customize it, share the link, and you can make some sales that will pay for your insurance, making your insurance free 🙂


Post by Ms. Mozelle Martin