Handwriting is Much More Than Pen & Paper

Knowledge and self-awareness are two powerhouses of the mind. The more you have, the more you can survive and succeed. Therefore a lack of knowledge can cause lack of personal power, and we’ve all heard the term “only the strong survive”.
The main step to empowering yourself is to identify what disempowers you in the first place. Due to the ego’s involvement, this is no easy task! However, your handwriting results will identify these things for you, so you don’t have to.
As an individual with no emotional attachments to your life or outcomes, I am much more objective than you are and, when you read your full personality profile, your subconscious shows me what is going on in your world. More than that, it tells me what your life has been like since birth and how traumatic or otherwise notable other people, places, events, and situations have affected your mind, personality, fears, successes, failures, etc.
How does it work?
Your brain perceives handwriting as a language, which is both written and spoken. The #1 activity which fires up the most brain neurons is language, # 2 is the act of handwriting. Your brain also sees your handwriting as a smorgasbord of symbols that only the physical act of writing can comprehend. Just like exercises for your physical body, making specific graphological changes are exercises for your mind and subconscious.
Let me ask you something: “Do you journal?”
You may know that journaling has been around for over 100 years, during which time a version of journaling has been recommended by most psychologists around the globe for nearly as long. However, you may not know that if you are creating unhealthy letter shapes, there is only so much “therapy” journaling can do.
Specifically changing your letter shapes, such as those suggested in Clinical Graphology, takes journaling to a whole new level. You see, by making specific graphological changes tailored to your unique personality, you are…​
  • Opening your inner wisdom
  • Cleansing emotional blocks
  • Producing or furthering radical change from the subconscious to the conscious (and superconscious)
  • Becoming free from confusion and doubt
  • Gaining clarity
  • Discovering your passions and purpose
  • Journeying from the “old you” to the “new you” which is has a strong ethereal component
You see, handwriting is much more than pen and paper and involves much more than just writing stuff down. It is a revolution of yourself; an inspiration acquired by releasing doubts and fears so you can shine. Writing with the purpose of enhancing your life is an act of self-love; a safe place to get to know yourself, to discover who you really are, and to become the “you” you wish to be. Many lose their personal power by purely living in a confusing world that infiltrates their minds with status quo, social expectations, judgments, false beliefs, rants, biases, injustices, victimization, and more.
The act of handwriting releases the deep answers that you have within your subconscious and allows you to connect and bond with your inner self (aka: inner child) in a way never before attempted or accomplished.
I know you are thinking: “With technology, does anyone write anymore?” The answer is we never stopped writing, we just write differently. In other words, in years gone by, we wrote phone numbers, drew maps, and wrote out directions. We wrote personal cards and letters and updated our calendars. Now we jot down to-do notes, email addresses, and GPS coordinates. After all, when you drive by a billboard or see a store you wish to remember at a later date, you likely don’t pull over and park on the side of the road, only to set up your laptop, and email the information to yourself. You can also get in an accident or get a high-priced traffic ticket and fine for using your cell phone when driving.
Instead we usually scribble on whatever is closest to us such as that fast food bag on the passenger seat.
While we are on the topic of technology, think of your brain as a computer. Your brain is part of your body’s electrical system (Central Nervous System). Like the “bites” in your computer, your brain has 10+ billion nerve cells which control the signals sent to the brain. The brain then sends chemicals to your muscles.
When we learn to write cursive as a child, it’s like developing “empathy steroids”. Why, or perhaps how? Because the first letter on the paper represents you. The next letter represents other people. Same with the first, and consecutive words. So, when you connect letters, you are connecting to other people. Even if we haven’t written in cursive since 6th grade, the key is we learned, connected, and therefore built empathy.
In my Master’s program, I wrote a research paper and looked up the dates when the states in the USA stopped teaching cursive. I then compared those dates to their local crime statistics. I cannot say there is a direct cause and affect, but I can definitely say there is a disturbing correlation. I used these statistics in my speech below.
WATCH MY Ted Talk Presentation…
When you write, signals are transmitted between your brain and hand through the brain stem, into the spinal column, along the central nervous system and into your muscles. This is what enables you to pick up your pen and write. Therefore, when you make specific and strategic graphological changes, you are sending new signals in reverse – from the pen back to the brain – with new instructions until the changes become habitual.
Therefore, because there is a close connection between what we tell ourselves and how we feel – and what we believe our reality to be – it is important to realize that every strategic handwriting change has a core thought message that is integrated into the exercise. Again, these flow from pen -> hand -> brain and back again, which then become internalized and integrated into a new belief pattern. That is the power behind reprogramming the brain’s neurological connections.
When I worked at the high school during my practicum, I was a Behavioral Specialist in the Special Needs (S.N.) department. With the parents and psychologists permission, I put many of the S.N. kids through CG and, within 30 days, their focus was better. Within 45 days their grades were better and, at the end of the six month program, most no longer tested as S.N. at all. When I brought it to the school’s attention, they were very displeased.
Why? Because schools get paid more for S.N. students.
Remember when you were in school or college? Just think of how much easier it note-taking by hand helped us remember the information better. The brain recalls handwriting changes in much the same way.
In both the S.N. and non-S.N. students, I watched the school pass them to the next grade and even allow them to graduate – even when they only had a 2nd grade (equivalent) education. They justified this shameless act by saying such things as, “We are graduating him because he did not put forth any effort and the teachers are frustrated”. Wonder what will happen when this student tries to fill out a job application, or has to read and sign a contract, or lease his first apartment.
Empathy is almost a thing of the past with our youth.
By not teaching proper handwriting styles in schools, we are removing a significant amount of the ability for kids to develop empathy. In addition, we are dumbing down our society. After all, these now “dumb, disrespectful, unempathetic” youth will one day be running our country when we are too damn old to do anything about it.  (WHAT A SCARY THOUGHT!!)  Perhaps the “dumbing down” is the current Government’s plan?
Either way, I cannot tell you how much of the below information from Carlos Mencia was 100% TRUE as witnessed first hand by me… (minus the insults)…
Schools stopped teaching  handwriting due to typewriters starting in 1973, then it was wordprocessors, and now computers. So why not take away math classes because of calculators?
Ridiculous isn’t it?
Many have removed art and music classes too. I mean, why bother… these are only two more of the most helpful things for healing and emotional intelligence.
Then in college, we are forced to take a bunch of bullsh*t classes that have absolutely nothing to do with our career goals. So we graduate college with a $100,000+++ loan that we can never pay back because we can only get a measly $16 / hour job with a Master’s degree and 20 years of experience. When a high school graduate with no college can make that in fast food and grocery industries, why would our youth ever consider college?
To make matters worse, the Department of Education’s loan servicers want $1400+ / month. Yeah, okay. Realistically, we could have only had a $30,000 student loan without the unnecessary, bullsh*t classes. Just think of how much money would have already been paid back!
I mention all that because I think we could likely agree that these things have suffocated and stressed our society’s infrastructure. In short, that’s all just examples of  f*cked-up reasoning.
If you ask me, the entire school system across the USA should be scrapped and the handwriting class curriculum should be rebuilt by handwriting therapists (those with significant training in both handwriting and psychology!!). For the rest of the classes, each curriculum should be designed in a streamlined approach by other experts in the applicable fields – but only those experts who actually give a damn about society now and for future generations. Instead, historically it’s all been about how much $$$$ they can add to their bureaucratic-lined bank accounts.
… I’m sure you can see how passionate I am about this topic and how important this is for current and future generations!
Now… back to the handwriting info…
A common question I receive by mental health clients is, “You mean all I have to do is change my handwriting and my personality will change too?”
Yes! but to illustrate this more…
I have played piano since I was 4 years old. I did not play for many years, and had to reteach myself. As long as I was consciously thinking about where to place each finger on the keyboard while reading the music, I was able to proceed slowly and sometimes painfully, even though I still made some mistakes. However, after repetitious practice, my fingers responded automatically and permanently while eliminating the mistakes… all without conscious awareness. In other words, once your handwriting changes pass the state of consciousness, the changes become automatic, permanent and habitual.
I know, “changing handwriting to effect behavioral changes” sounds too simple to be true theoretically. However in application, it is deeply profound and requires a strong self-commitment. It is definitely not easy, but it is very powerful.
In closing, whether you choose my evidence-based CG program as an option or not, I urge you to consider the other various options of taking a deep-sea dive into your own mind. Then if you decide to seek therapy elsewhere, show the reports to your therapist. This not only will streamline your treatment plan but it will also save you a lot of time and money!
Just please do not use your insurance for any mental health treatment, here’s why.


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Facebook Live with Mozelle Martin & Kathy Dale – Part 2

If you missed Wednesday’s interview on 11/7/18, here is the replay from that Facebook Live & Zoom event with my friend, Kathy Dale.

If you missed Part 1 on 10/17/18, check it out HERE about the SCIENCE of handwriting analysis is truly life-changing from forensics to it’s therapeutic benefits.


School Violence is Not a Gun or Political Problem

My heart certainly goes out to everyone affected by all of the mass and school shootings. In my humble opinion, this is NOT just a “political” problem. This is NOT just a “gun” problem. This is a SOCIETAL problem.

At least 36 school shootings and/or school-related acts of violence have been committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs resulting in 172 wounded and 80 killed (in other school shootings, information about their drug use was never made public—neither confirming or refuting if they were under the influence of prescribed drugs).

In fact, this is part of what my TedX / Ted Talk presentation was about. Check it out.

While we are so busy being “reactive”, we are over-looking an in-your-face “proactive” tool that could be used by people (ie: school teachers and school counselors) who are in the FRONT LINES.

In many ways school shootings are similar to fighting a war. In war, you have “inside people” closest to the area of conflict (aka: frontlines) and no, I am not talking about arming school personnel… we really don’t need more guns in schools.

What I mean is this… like a good confidential informant or vice squad, we have great intel on the inside that we are not using.

Allow me to briefly digress…

Internationally since 1987, I have taught thousands of law enforcement, mental health, human resource, probation, and other professionals in the science of forensics including handwriting analysis. In 99% of the classes filled with police, military, or psychology students at least one person will say with conviction, “This training should be mandatory for all school staff in all elementary, middle schools, high schools, and colleges”.

Then I explain that, even when I worked at schools for my internships and I offered to use my skills (for free since I was “employed”), they never agreed. I am even an approved continuing education provider for educators of all levels in most states and only had three teachers & one school counselor (see below) since 1987 take advantage of these classes even when it was free.

When I decided to ask one school teacher, she said, “I think teachers don’t want that kind of power – having this deep knowledge is a lot of power”. Well, what is a gun?

Then… schools not teaching handwriting anymore really messes-up society too but that’s a whole other topic.

So, instead of giving guns to school staff, we need to look at them are out “intelligence division”. We need to give them something that the students can’t easily out-smart. Students are younger, quicker, and more street-smart than most school staff nowadays and that means sooner-than-later, they will be able to easily find a way to get a gun away from a teacher no matter how hyper-diligent the teacher is.

Then what? More violence!

So you see, by educating school personnel (our intel) on how to recognize mental health, suicide, drug use, abuse, and violent tendencies in handwriting, they would have the upper hand and that would be SUPER POWERFUL!

But, by not making this training mandatory for our school personnel, we as a society are losing out on ENORMOUS, SCIENTIFIC, PREVENTATIVE WARNING SIGNS that can be used to prevent this type of violence, and get the “shooter” some help.

Another digression…

Back in 2006, I was invited to meet with State Representative Todd Baxter in the Texas Legislature. Why? Because Vicki Spriggs, then-Executive Director of the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission (TJPC) knew that my Clinical Graphology program would work with the high-recidivists (repeat offenders).

The youth participants were very diverse in age, race, socio-economic background, and crimes. All remained 100% anonymous to me and each youth had failed repeatedly in all other programs including talk therapy, boot camp, and psych meds.  NGT alone caused them to raise their self-esteem, improve grades, be discharged from probation early for “good behavior”, improve family and peer relationships, and more.

Most impressive is that, after the youths successfully completed the 6-month Clinical Graphology program, to-date, NONE had reoffended.

The United States is behind the world in how it views and uses this science. We are not a progressive country overall when it comes to helping people who are stuck. Because  when people are stuck or miserable the “top dogs get paid”. People being sick and desperate is big business for the American Medical Association (AMA) and “Big Pharma” but also for all most mental health agencies too.

Did you know that the Library of Congress states “handwriting analysis is applied psychology and, when professionally done, is a valid diagnostic tool” and the American Psychological Association (APA) agrees. In addition, professional handwriting analysis matches the better-known Myers-Briggs Personality Test among others.

Of course, I don’t expect you to take my word for it, so please check out THIS letter from the one school counselor who took my class and was able to PREVENT a MURDER-SUICIDE just in the nick of time… because she knew what to look for.

Just imagine this kind of ability in the hundreds of thousands of trained school personnel… knowledge is power!

In closing, school violence is not just a gun or a societal concern because we are all part of the problem – and that means you too. I can provide forensic / scientific proof and documentation to you all day long; but none of it really matters unless you help spread the word.

Therefore before I go, I would like to know…

  • Will YOU actually WATCH the video below ?

  • Will YOU actually READ the school counselor’s letter?

  • Will YOU SHARE this blog post?

Sadly, not many will. So, I have to ask… how does that help anyone anywhere? 

Oh yeah… it doesn’t.


What do YOU think?