SCAM ALERT: “Conviction in Canada Traffic Court”

Watch and share the below video that I did of a scam stating I was convicted in a Canadian Traffic Court.

I also sent all evidence to the law enforcement agencies who oversee these types of scams. If you receive this, please report it to these agencies (and more as applicable).


The email says it’s from “The Provincial Court of Alberta” and the email said I owe a fine amount total of $651 and gives me a convinction date, date of offence, ticket number, and links that say it’s a government website. The email they use is “”





** THIS guy scams the scammers (legally).

** THIS person almost fell for a scam.



Post by Ms. Mozelle Martin

SCAM ALERT: $350 for a Survey

Watch and share the below video that I did of a scam stating they would pay $350 to complete a store survey. Ever heard of “gift card scams” or “money laundering schemes”? You’ll definitely want to keep reading & watching…

I also sent all evidence to the law enforcement agencies who oversee these types of scams. If you receive this, please report it to these agencies (and more as applicable).

Reputable companies very rarely use a generic email extension (ie: gmail, hotmail, yahoo, aol, etc.). Most reputable companies use their company name such as


The email says it’s from “Paul” and the letter inside said it’s from “Paul Philips” from “A-Class Survey” with phone number 443-356-6525. The email they use is

The return label on the USPS priority mail envelope says it’s from:

  • Solano Lawton 
  • (hmmm… where’s Paul?)
  • 729 Jefferson St.
  • Fairfield, CA  94533-5511


The $2,375.90 cashier’s check was from Independent Bank” in McKinney, Texas”


** THIS guy scams the scammers (legally).

** THIS person almost fell for a scam.


UPDATE as of 7/27/19:  today my daughter received the same thing but some details were different. Her Priority Mail envelope was from “Richard Hepner, 81 Nightingale Ave, # R2, Quincy, MA 02169-6413” and the bank was “Centris Federal Credit Union, 11825 Q. St., Omaha, NE 68137-3503” and listed on the bottom of the fake check that the “Remitter: Edna Gustos”. Everything else was the same.

Have you received a similar letter? What names & banking institutions does yours say? Let’s keep updating this so we can spread the education and awareness. Please don’t forget to report it so these criminals and scam artists can be prosecuted.


Post by Ms. Mozelle Martin

Warning: He’s Getting Out of Prison Soon

As I always say, “locking up the behavior doesn’t solve anything because one day they will be free”.

It’s important to treat the “root causes” of the inmate’s behavior, not put a band-aid on it or think metal bars will solve the problem for the long-term.

Some people (like the guy below) may never be helped enough to guarantee he would no longer kill, but had his behaviors been acknowledged / treated when he was a kid or teen, or anytime before his spree… maybe?

It’s important to note that many sociopathic / psychopathic tendencies and indicators ARE seen in children as young as 3 years old, yet many mental health professionals are “scared” to diagnose anyone under age 18. In fact and sadly to society’s detriment, many mental health professionals blow it off as “normal childhood behavior”.

I disagree with that reasoning.

Most aware parents know when it’s normal or not-normal behavior (moms can usually sense it sooner), yet when parents do seek help, the professionals dismiss them as being “over-emotional” or “too-close to be objective”.

I also disagree that many psychologists will label and diagnose someone with an Axis I disorder (ie: bipolar, major depressive) because there are essentially no cures for Axis II disorders (esp. Cluster B – ie: histrionic, borderline).

The reasons this is done vary to include those with Axis I being more accepted within society because of its common prevalence. In addition, Axis I peeps also qualify for other treatments and services, including SSI.

Many treatment professionals and psychologists will not accept people diagnosed with Axis II because they can be extremely-exhausting to work with. Again, Axis II indicators are prevalent in childhood.

There are three Axis II clusters (A: such as paranoid / schizoid who experience major disruptions in relationships because their behavior may be perceived as peculiar, suspicious, or detached) and (B: such as mentioned above, who experience very intense emotions or engage in extremely impulsive, theatrical, promiscuous, or law-breaking behaviors) and (C: such as avoidant, dependent, and ocd).

OH & FYI – did you know that an average of 40% of patients who should be diagnosed as Bipolar are actually MISdiagnosed first (most often with major depressive disorder instead) and it then takes an average of 10 YEARS before they are correctly diagnosed with bipolar?

During these 10 years inappropriate use of anti-depressants has actually been worsening symptoms!

ANYWAY… that’s a long way of warning you…

Image may contain: text

Wondering if someone has a mental illness?

DO THIS & find out !


Post by Ms. Mozelle Martin


Aiding & Abetting: Don’t Do It !

“Aiding & Abetting” was a huge issue that nearly tore our family apart even though it only went on for one month.

THANK GOD it’s been over for a very long time but I worked arm-in-arm with probation to bring that person to justice. Albeit not my family member who was the “runner”, it involved someone very close to me who I was trying to help educate so he would protect himself and his marriage. However, it was very frustrating for me because the person who was committing “A & A” would not listen to me when I tried to issue warnings and show proof, even though I have hung around law enforcement as my career for over 30 years. Ho-hum… you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink. Plus “ignorance of the law” is NO excuse and holds ZERO power in the court system.

So I am sharing this information to help others avoid issues and also because “Aiding & Abetting” is a HUGE indicator of co-dependency.

Maybe YOU will know someone who needs (& may actually listen to)  this advice…

  • NEVER, EVER put your freedom on the line for someone running from the police, NO MATTER how much you LOVE the “runner”. Oftentimes, the BEST love is “tough love”.
  • NEVER be more invested in someone’s life than they are.


Aiding & Abetting (A&A) is an act that is committed while helping a person run from the law or helping protect or hide someone who is currently in the process of committing a crime. Although this should be obvious… “YES, running from the law IS a crime!”

In fact, YOU could be charged with aiding and abetting (& more) if you have knowledge of, or have *unknowingly* participated in, the crime in some way before and / or after the actual crime occurred… even if you did not know that specific person at the time of the crime… and even years after it was committed.

Keep in mind that if you KNOW someone is a “runner” and has a warrant, this is a choice THEY are making while YOU choose to put your freedom on the line.

HOW? Because “knowledge of a crime and not reporting it is also a crime in and of itself” (a crime that YOU are choosing to commit). So if you know someone is running from the law, do NOT help them!


Most of the time it is done *innocently* such as:

  • giving that individual money,
  • providing a hotel room for one or several nights,
  • car rides (yes, even if paying for Uber, Lyft, or a cab),
  • buying them a plane or bus ticket,
  • providing a couch to sleep on (even for a few hours), etc.

AIDING+AND+ABETTING+Aiding+and+abetting+is+a+theory+of+criminal+liability.Basically ANYthing that continues to help them “get by” or “survive on the streets” while they CHOOSE to continue eluding the law! In other words, they are busy making terrible choices and now have gotten YOU involved. Not only is them asking you to help unfair to you but… YOU CAN GET ARRESTED TOO. They know this but they do NOT care about you (only themselves) otherwise, they would not have asked you for help at all!!

Depending upon the state’s laws, penalties for “Aiding and Abetting” can include:

  • felony charges (criminal record),
  • up to LIFE in prison,
  • community service,
  • driver’s license suspension,
  • VERY large fines $$$$$,
  • loss of future employment & education opportunities,
  • loss of current job and / or occupational license,
  • loss of voting rights,
  • loss of gun-carrying rights,
  • probation, etc.
  • and you may lose your marriage and never see your children / grandchildren again.

Keep in mind, if it’s in multiple states YOU can face the same harsh penalties including multiple criminal / felony charges in ALL states (ie: aiding & abetting, harboring a fugitive, interfering with an investigation, etc.)

NOBODY’s – I repeat – NOBODY’S bad choices are worth YOU losing your life or freedom for. The VERY BEST thing you can do is have NO contact with the “runner” at all, and NEVER lie to the police (which can add even more charges). The 2nd BEST thing you can do when the “runner” contacts you is say, “I love you but I cannot help you. You need to turn yourself in” OR if they call and insist that you pick them up, say “yes” but do NOT pick them up. I realize this is deceptive but ultimately you will be doing them a favor! So instead of picking them up, immediately call the police / probation officer and give them the “runners” location. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING (audio is even better and there are free apps such as this one) because that documentation could keep you out of jail!

That’s not all… getting arrested would be minor compared to what could happen to you such as:

  • YOU COULD GET KILLED by police if they catch you with the “runner” and the “runner” is uncooperative… just by getting caught in the cross-fire.
  • YOU COULD GET KILLED by non-police if your “runner” has some enemies (and most likely does), and *they* find him first.

Bottom line is… do NOT take chances.

Finally, you should already know this but let me remind you anyway… often, the BEST help is absolutely NONE at all.


Post by Ms. Mozelle Martin